All Hallows’ Eve Is Nigh! Download the ‘Howling Marauder’ Expert Profession!

All Hallows’ Eve is nigh!

Dejan has been steadily penciling away at new Professions for our next mysterious supplement. We’ve got a host of cool new paths for characters to follow, including both regular and Expert Professions for all the Daemons we spoke of in the core rulebook. This includes the Howling Marauder, and over 58 others!

If you couldn’t tell, we just came off of a re-watch of Blade Runner. There’s a little bit of Pris in the artwork.

You heard us right – we are going to tackle all Daemonic gods with their related Professions and Magick spells included!

Want to play a Howling Marauder in your Zweihänder game today? You can grab it from here.

In the meanwhile: inquiring minds want to know: who is your favorite of the Ruinous Powers, and why? Based on your comments, we may leak out a view of the related Daemon’s Expert Profession and their Magick within the next few days! Let us know what you think over at Strike To Stun.

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