With some great feedback from the community, we’ve had our artist whip up an image depicting both a male and female Prostitute. And if you’re wondering whether there will be venereal disease rules in ZWEIHÄNDER, you bet your blood sausage pie there will be!

You suffer from some some terribly embarrassing and potentially fatal venereal disease. There are many names for these sort of illnesses – the clap, sailor’s pain, the drip, great pox, syphilis or hot piss – all evocative in their own way, but the resulting discomfort is generally the same. Incubation and infection begin within 1d6 days of sexual contact and result in nettling, chronic symptoms. Although venereal diseases are inarguably difficult to treat, some barber surgeons have had luck inserting a number of instruments into the genitalia to relieve the pain of urination (a curved iron rod, wooden catheter, lice and mites). As the sickness continues to worsen, it may result in the necessity for the infected to take opiates or other sedatives to relieve themselves from pain.