Game Session

Game Session: ZWEIHÄNDER Session #1: Night of Blood

warhamer fantasy roleplay 4th edition zweihander grim & perilous

Tamás Illés of the blog Vorpal Mace kicks off the classic ‘Night of Blood’ for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay using ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG: We had our first ZWEIHÄNDER session on the 16th of September. I ran the classic module from White Dwarf and Apocrypha Now called Night of Blood…

Game Session: “Meet The Party” at Cannibal Halfling Gaming


Cannibal Halfling Gaming is back with a fantastic take on their Zweihänder game! Check it out: A hunter of vermin who’s eyeing much larger prey for her flail to be used on. An old squire without her knight, looking for some vengeance and maybe some glory. A bounty hunter chasing down…

Review: The Daily Empire from Tobcon 2017 on ZWEIHÄNDER

warhamer fantasy roleplay 4th edition zweihander grim & perilous

Reaad the ZWEIHANDER review from TobCon 2017 by Rangdo, original author of ‘A Bitter Harvest’ and new editor of The Daily Empire: Last weekend was TobCon, successor to WimCon and, ultimately, TimCon. It’s a great little Warhammer con frequented by long-time WFRP fans, including those behind Warpstone and Liber Fanatica….