Grim & Perilous Studios announces its next tabletop RPG – NOBLEBRIGHT! Grim & Perilous FRPG

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Grim & Perilous Studios, makers of the wildly-successful ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG, have announced their intention to release a new tabletop role-playing game called NOBLEBRIGHT! Grim & Perilous Fantasy Role-Playing Game (FRPG). In the world’s worst version of Warhamm… err, NOBLEBRIGHT! Grim & Perilous FRPG, players take upon one of the 666 all-new Professions from the world of 1d4Chan’s Brighthammer. Completely reexamining all of the tropes ZWEIHANDER rested its crown upon, this new #ttrpg will leave…