Rough Night At The Three Feathers

RPPR runs “Rough Night At The Three Feathers” using #ZweihanderRPG!

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From Role Playing Public Radio: It’s been a long day’s travel, and the sun is just beginning to go down as you see an inn in the distance. As you draw closer, you see the sign of three feathers hanging outside, and notice that the place is unusually busy. Inside, the inn is bustling. servants are hurrying to and fro, and the innkeeper is engrossed in conversation with a scribe who carries a visibly bulging…

‘Rough Night At The Three Feathers’ – An Unofficial WFRP 1e/ Zweihänder Bestiary Conversion!

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Several Zweihänder fans have already ran ‘Rough Night At The Three Feathers’, a short scenario set in the world of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. This is one of the most well-known adventures of WFRP 1e, originally written by Graeme Davis. It was also converted into WFRP 2e stats in ‘Plundered Vaults’. You can read an awesome retrospective on this formative adventure over at Graeme’s blog If you’re interested in running ‘Rough Night At The Three Feathers’ using…