ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG is an OSR Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay loveletter/retroclone/heartbreaker released under Creative Commons License Share-Alike

ZWEIHÄNDER Game Session On Youtube!

True Mask Games recorded a 5 hour session of ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG as a part of their Seven Days, Seven Games series. We were so pleased to see others enjoying our little RPG, and digging into the simplicity of the system. Alex wrote a unique adventure for his…

New Proofs Are In!

zweihander warhammer fantasy roleplay retroclone warhammer fantasy rolepelay 4th edition

Went down to the printer last evening, and looked at the page proofs. There is a night and day difference in terms of page quality, image fidelity and chunkiness. These are printed on 70# paper in matte (an upgrade from offset). The fully binded version will be 5.13 lbs, have…

Worldbuilding in ZWEIHÄNDER – Three Hundred Years’ War: Ruthen

zweihander warhammer fantasy roleplay retroclone

From Tanner Yea: Ruthen was originally formed of disparate peoples – ancestors of the Osmanli, the Gilded Imperium and the Noreg were all wanderers and allied with native Ruthenians into the hard-scrabble nation of Rut’. The nation rose to prominence, but roughly 2000 years ago was overthrown by Hobgoblin Khans…