Character Folio Now Available For ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG!

Did you hear the news?! Our Character Folio is now available at DriveThruRPG!

Record your Character’s grim & perilous tale using the official Character Folio for ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG!

Beautifully illustrated by Dejan Mandic and gloriously lain out by Ken Duquet, this adventuring journal not only allows you to catalogue the exploits – and eventual death – of your Character, but also collects commonly-referenced tables you’ll need as you play the game.

The Character Folio comes in at a relatively inexpensive price point for print-on-demand, so you can have a folio for every Character you play. Or, purchase one POD, remove the binding and photocopy it for your fellow players. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, simply purchase the PDF alone and print out as many as needed. Best of all – the PDF is form-fillable for use with Roll20, Twitch gaming and other online mediums as you play ZWEIHÄNDER virtually with others around the world!

We also future-proofed the Character Folio by including all manner of awesomeness from our second hardback coming later this year – MAIN GAUCHE!

The 20-page Character Folio includes the following:

  • Page 1: a beautiful cover, illustrated by Jussi Alarauhio
  • Page 2: a literal gallery of villains, serfs and contrarians who contributed to both ZWEIHÄNDER and the Character Folio
  • Page 3: a helpful table of contents of the most commonly-referenced rules in ZWEIHÄNDER
  • Pages 4 to 5: a role-playing aid that breaks down all the helpful details about your Character
  • Pages 6 to 7: all the damn dirty details of your Character in mechanical format
  • Page 8: all the lucre and goods you’ve bought, lost and stolen during your adventures
  • Page 9: a place to record all your Magick spells
  • Pages 10 to 11: a place to record the people you’ve met (or killed), places you’ve been (or raided) and things you’ve stumbled across
  • Pages 12 to 14: every weapon, armor, shield and related Qualities found in both ZWEIHÄNDER and the upcoming MAIN GAUCHE supplement!
  • Page 15: a quick reference guide – and official sneak peak – at Vehicle Combat, an all-new subsystem meant to plug into normal combat found in MAIN GAUCHE!
  • Page 16: a combat reference guide for every Action In Combat, Condition Effect and Cone/Burst/Explosion Templates
  • Page 17: a quick guide to Fortune Points, Fate Points, casting Magick, Channeling Power and room to record Houserules
  • Pages 18 to 19: a place to record notes about your adventures that won’t fit on the other pages
  • Page 20: a death certificate – a living record of how your Character perished during their grim & perilous adventures.

Grab your official ZWEIHÄNDER Character Folio today, and prepare yourself for a world of grim & perilous adventure!

  • PDF: $1.99
  • POD $4.99
  • Premium POD: $6.99

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cubicle 7 warhammer fantasy roleplay fourth edition wfrp 4e grimandperilous.com warhammerfantasyroleplay.com zweihander grim & perilous