Worldbuilding: Converting Warhammer Fantasy To ZWEIHÄNDER (fan supplement)

zweihander warhammer fantasy roleplay retroclone warhammer fantasy rolepelay 4th editionKalevala Hammer has just released the first fan supplement to ZWEIHÄNDER – a cultural and racial conversion document from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay! From the site:

My first ZWEIHÄNDER RPG fan-rules. Idea is to expand and give more “Warhammer-feel” to the racial stats given in ZWEIHÄNDER RPG Core Rulebook. Also, to bring cultural options from Old World (and little beyond too). This gives some new edges to character creation and makes various cultures more unique between each other. ZWEIHÄNDER RPG has well balanced system and you should notice, that these racial and cultural traits make the races little unbalanced between each other. Idea is to keep the system pretty stable and these traits give just some extra edges, but nothing too powerful. You can find the document from this link, and from ZWEIHÄNDER Rules.

Old World Document features:

  • Racial Traits. These give the races (Dwarfs, Elves, Halflings, Humans, Ogres and Gnomes) more Warhammer-feel.
  • Magic. Some ideas about both Arcane and Divine magic traditions and what professions you can use from ZWEIHÄNDER RPG game system. Remember, this is for the Core Rulebook, which presents limited number of careers. Future products may produce more unique professions and magical traditions, with spells.
  • Cultural Traits. You can choose which Warhammer culture your character comes from and gain few edges based on that culture/background. Cultural Traits present you own language, Racial Trait Options, Regional Knowledge and then the actual Traits.

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