Our new editor came onboard a few weeks ago. We’re in the middle of cleaning up the character creation chapter, and have outlined a few immediate considerations you’ll make when creating your first Grim & Perilous character. Take a look at a sample of what we’re writing, and let us know if we’re hitting close to the mark:

As a player, you will create an alternate persona: a protagonist (or perhaps antagonist) of the story, also known as a character. Character creation is relatively simple, but the considerations for what choices you make during this process can have long-term implications. Here are some things to keep in mind: ZWEIHÄNDER assumes that player characters were normal, everyday people (or as normal as they could be in any fantasy world), until dire circumstances recast their fate. The world is largely ambivalent, cruel, and selfish. The fetid stink of the corrupt wafts from every cobbled street and echoing hillside, underscored by the watchful eye of unknown entities. Behind the curtain, this insidious chaos plays puppet master, pulling the strings of both cast-asides and the well-bred alike. Prejudice, superstition, come-uppance and violence are the hallmarks of your unfortunate birthright.

But how does this affect your character? Will they:

* Embrace these deviant times for their own opportunistic ends, building a legacy and largesse for themselves off the suffering of those less fortunate and clever?
* Rage against the dying of the light as a glimmer of hope, knowing the considerable risks they levy likely breed only pain and helplessness?
* Struggle in the morass of grey, torn between justified violence, questionable intentions, and unyielding dogma?