Did you previous purchase Zweihänder core book from Kickstarter, Backerkit or CrowdOx?

A newly-revised electronic version of the book is available, and is being issued completely for free for previous purchasers from Kickstarter, Backerkit and CrowdOx. Numerous changes were made in the revised version, including:

    • Refreshed layout by Ken Duquet
    • All-new artwork
    • Rules clarifications
    • All-new Drawbacks
    • Updated sepia toned tables
    • Optimized Bestiary layout
    • Color plates to divide the player and GM-only sections
    • Errata updates from the home website

Submit your information below to receive the updated version from DriveThruRPG. We will match back to your DriveThruRPG purchase order history, and update the PDF in your DTRPG Library shortly.


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