Domestic shipments nearly complete, international shipments inbound and more!

Great news! Almost 100% of domestic shipments have hit peoples’ doorstep. So far, we’ve only had a small handful of ruined books to replace. Those are already out the door to people as of today.

Our main distributor has repackaged all books with bubble wrap and thread-enhanced tape (top left-hand side of the photo):

International orders are being queued for next Tuesday to begin their trek across the sea. You can expect media mail to land around early to mid-Sept, barring any unusual requirements/customs hiccups for countries outside the EU. Remember: these are being declared as a $10 media, so you shouldn’t have to incur any duties. If you do, email me a receipt to and I will personally reimburse you through PayPal.

If you’re interested in additional copies beyond our limited print run, we will have a bog standard print-on-demand version at DriveThruRPG in September. However, it will not be of the same quality as our Kickstarter version whatsoever. That means no ribbon, no soft touch cover, no matte pages and middle-of-the-road offset paper/binding.

Finally, we are going to head back to Kickstarter this year with a new GM screen! We want to make honest to goodness, old school portrait-styled physical screens for purchase (which will also come with digital inserts for the Hammerdog Press screen). You’ve likely seen Dejan Mandic’s concept artwork on our Facebook page (take a look at our cover photo). One of our stretch goals will be to initiate a second limited print run of Zweihänder. To note, almost all of our 3,680 books are spoken for. If we can hit that next stretch goal, we can avoid DTRGP print quality issues, and set ourselves up for success with our next chaos-themed supplement to be announced later this year.

Stay tuned for more information, and be sure to share with us your experience with Zweihänder in the coming days!