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ZWEIHÄNDER fans! Have you already created your ZWEIHÄNDER character? Time to join Fight Club! Experience the fast-paced and perilous dangers presented within our open playtest combat system at the following link!

After Creating Your Grim & Perilous Character, take them into the ring to fight mano-a-mano, or even get your friends together for a big brawl! We’d love to hear about your experience with our latest revision of the Combat rules. Please submit all feedback to daniel@grimandperilous.com, or simply use the “Comment” feature in Google docs!

“Man by nature is animal; he can be cruel and callous. Where intrigue fails, combat is the only choice left to resolve conflict. Often swift and merciless, fighting is his way to establish dominance, or to simply terminate the opposition all together. By conscious decision and intent, man is able to assert himself against the world and face aggression in kind.”

– Father Victor, monk

Tactical skirmishes amidst a torrential downpour, vicious back alley knife fights, honorific duels to the death and horrifying battles against dire abominations makes up several examples of the combat types your Character will be drawn into. However, some fights may be more raucous and less deadly, such as with a barroom brawl or fisticuffs erupting between a swindling pedlar and his customer. Fights can be fun and entertaining, but in a grim & perilous Campaign World, death can come at the drop of a hat. While combat is exciting and offers the opportunity for players to roll dice, the risk of irrevocable death is always the foremost element within a fight. No amount of planning can truly prepare the unwitting against the strategic leadership of those who’re born within the crucible of battle. Yet even then, plans have a tendency to fall apart very quickly, particularly as fast-paced as combat is. Even the most well-orchestrated or simplest of fight can go terribly awry. Combat is deadly and numbers oftentimes prevail.

Unlike other role-playing games, combatants in ZWEIHÄNDER aren’t given a vast pool of hit points, allowed to instantly recover from their wounds and get right back up. Combat is savage and unrelenting, handling confrontation with all the excitement you’d expect to have in a fantasy adventure – but not without danger to one’s self or sanity.

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