Game Session: ZWEIHÄNDER Session #4 – Rats in the Walls

Tamás Illés of the blog Vorpal Mace continues his adventures in the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay using ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG:

The fourth session took place on the xth of January, 2018, with the following player participants:

  • Agonia Gimdinasdotr, a dwarf adherent of Valaya, quick to help those in trouble.
  • Blitzkrieg, a dwarf slayer, a sucker for disease, wound infection, and critical hits.
  • Päether von Sternwart, a human diabolist, proud of himself for defeating a foe all alone.

With Blitzkrieg’s injuries healed and Päether’s spell arsenal expanded the party was ready to descend into the sewers under the Labyrinth, one of Nuln’s poorest quarters. Blitzkrieg and Agonia bought some rat poison and a few wheels of cheese with themselves, hoping they can use them as bait. They broke into the sewerjack’s entrance, Agonia and Päether stole their boat, and with Blitzkrieg guiding them on the sewerside, followed the path the cultist told them about during the interrogation. There were swarms of rats everywhere. When they ran away scared there was a bell tinkling in the distance, but the adventurers couldn’t figure out what it was.

When they reached the breach in the wall they were looking for the boat bumped into something. A skaven with rebreather jumped out of the water, and attacked the boatman. After getting an axe into his face and realizing the numbers are not in his favor he threw a smoke bomb and tried to escape, but Päether pushed the boat forward and blew the ratmen’s head off with magick missile. The adventurers looted the various poisons, and warpstone dust from the corpse.

At the end of the short tunnel behind the breach stood a crappy door improvised from trash. After listening and hearing nothing Blitzkrieg took the poisoned cheese, smeared warpstone dust on it to make it extra desirable, put it in front of the door, knocked, and ran away. A minute later the door slowly opened, and not without hesitation, but someone grabbed the cheese and closed it. The party took its time, then they entered the room. Inside they fizbd hammocks, crates, simple tables, two huge wooden barrels, and two doors. In the center of the room someone sat on a chair. It was the cultist from last time, with a Colombian necktie. This time the adventurers also noticed the a houselike symbol and the letters ADA painted on his wrist…

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