Get the 18-page free Quickplay Guide for #ZweihanderRPG today!

Want to get your gaming group to try ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG, but intimidated by the size of the 688-page book? Then grab the Quickplay Guide to introduce the system to new players.

The Quickplay Guide is an illustrated 18-page PDF, and an easy way to teach players who are new to the D100 system how to use dice for all situations during a ZWEIHÄNDER game. This provides a baseline on how dice are used throughout the book, including:

  • Introduction to grim & perilous gaming
  • Skill Test Summary
  • Peril Condition Penalties
  • Difficulty Ratings
  • Calculating Success & Failure
  • Critical Successes & Failure
  • Secret Tests
  • Flipping Dice to Succeed or Fail
  • Common vs. Special Skills
  • Hasty Test, Skill Synergy
  • Assisted Tests and Opposed Tests
  • Fury & Chaos Dice
  • The Fortune & Misfortune Pool

This Quickplay Guide is an easy way to introduce players to your homebrewed world, whether inspired by the works of Andrzej Sapkowski, George R.R. Martin, Glen Cook, Graeme Davis, Robert E. Howard, Scott Lynch, or other ‘grimdark’ media.

Download the Quickplay Guide, and prepare your friends for a world of grim & perilous adventure!

* Please note that the Quickplay Guide is a reproduction of Chapter 1: How To Play within the core book. We will be releasing a Zweihänder Essentials book in early 2019.

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