GM’s Corner: Bestiary Nearly Complete

Hello again, ZWEIHÄNDER fans! As promised, here’s our January progress report.zweihander grimandperilous.com warhammer fantasy roleplay retroclone We are moving along at a steady clip, on track to finish up Bestiary by mid-February. The chapter is coming in at a monstrous 120 individual entries! This means that we’ll have a bevy of creatures for Gamemasters to introduce into their game, ranging from challenges at Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Tiers. We’ve also introduced a unique band of foes into the mix, called the Elite Tier, who can be used as movers and shakers in your game. In the Bestiary, you’ll find many fan-favorites, in addition of truly unique beasties of our own design. In ZWEIHÄNDER, creatures are classified by families (Abyssal, Animal, Beast, Humanoid, Mutant or Supernatural) and further categorized by Risk Factor, analogous to the Slaughter Margin from WFRP. Each entry in the Bestiary is fully fleshed out; this means that all stats and abilities will be present in the entry, so you don’t have to go digging into other chapters to figure out how creature’s traits function. Every creature, both small and large, receive at least 1/4 to a full page description of its appearance, ecology and tidbits of mythology to draw upon for your own grim & perilous campaign world. Here’s the entire listing of creatures below! Perceptive readers may even find a hot link or three to nasties we’ve recently completed, which can be used in the free-to-play GRIMDARK Beta Edition now! Join the discussion over at this thread for feedback and questions regarding the Bestiary’s progress.


  1. Mutant (Fodderling)
  2. Mutant (Boogan)
  3. Abyssal (Kobold)
  4. Mutant (Kobold Fanatic)
  5. Humanoid (Rebellious Peasant)
  6. Humanoid (Petty Thug)
  7. Animal (Critters)
  8. Mutant (Orx-spore)
  9. Humanoid (Old Hob)
  10. Animal (Swarm)
  11. Mutant (Death Hedge)
  12. Mutant (Calibos)


  1. Supernatural (Crypt Skeleton)
  2. Mutant (Low Orx)
  3. Mutant (Orx Rudeboy)
  4. Supernatural (Reanimated Corpse)
  5. Humanoid (Aztlan Iguania)
  6. Humanoid (Deserter Soldier)
  7. Humanoid (Deranged Zealot)
  8. Abyssal (Fomori Slave)
  9. Animal (Large Critters)
  10. Mutant (Dire Rat<)
  11. Beast (Massive Insects)
  12. Animal (Death Bat)


  1. Mutant (High Orx)
  2. Mutant (Hob-kobold)
  3. Beast (Wose) Wose
  4. Mutant (Warren Runner)
  5. Humanoid (Occultist)
  6. Humanoid (Bushwacker)
  7. Supernatural (The Taken)
  8. Animal (Man-eater)
  9. Beast (Cockatrice)
  10. Humanoid (Facedancer)
  11. Mutant (Barrel-bellied Pig)
  12. Mutant (Bog Thing)


  1. Animal (Silverback Warg)
  2. Beast (Harpy)
  3. Humanoid (Howling Marauder)
  4. Beast (Basilisk)
  5. Beast (Attercap Spider)
  6. Beast (Hircus)
  7. Abyssal (Fomori Thane)
  8. Animal (Water Panther)
  9. Animal (Behemoth)
  10. Humanoid (Siabra Corsair)
  11. Humanoid (Corrupted Underdweller)
  12. Mutant (Shimmering Mimic)


  1. Mutant (Orx Bigboss)
  2. Mutant (Ravenous Ghoul)
  3. Mutant (Sanguine Skrzzak)
  4. Mutant (Bilious Skrzzak)
  5. Mutant (Phlegmatic Skrzzak)
  6. Mutant (Choleric Skrzzak)
  7. Supernatural (Restless Spirit)
  8. Humanoid (Aztlan Lacertilia)
  9. Abyssal (Samael)
  10. Supernatural (Draugar)
  11. Mutant (Howlbear)
  12. Humanoid (Witch)


  1. Mutant (Ogre Mercenary)
  2. Supernatural (Banshee)
  3. Humanoid (Templar Fanatic)
  4. Beast (Equigorn)
  5. Mutant (Chiron Underdweller)
  6. Humanoid (Chaos Knight)
  7. Mutant (Lycanthrope)
  8. Abyssal (Harab Serapel)
  9. Abyssal (Thagirion)
  10. Abyssal (Gamaliel)
  11. Abyssal (Nehemoth)
  12. Abyssal (Thamiel)


  1. Beast (Taurus)
  2. Abyssal (Fomori Brute)
  3. Beast (Manticore)
  4. Mutant (Tyrant Skrzzak)
  5. Supernatural (Revenant)
  6. Abyssal (Promethean)
  7. Beast (Siren)
  8. Supernatural (Water Nymph)
  9. Supernatural (Air Sylph)
  10. Supernatural (Earthen Colossus)
  11. Supernatural (Flame Salamander)
  12. Abyssal (Night Mare)


  1. Mutant (Dragon-born Ogre)
  2. Supernatural (Dryad)
  3. Beast (Fenbeast)
  4. Abyssal (Father Figure)
  5. Supernatural (Dullahan)
  6. Mutant (Troll)
  7. Supernatural (Mercator Vampyre)
  8. Supernatural (Lamian Vampyre)
  9. Supernatural (Stygian Vampyre)
  10. Supernatural (Reaper)
  11. Humanoid (Aztlan Gekkota)
  12. Humanoid (Chaos Magician)


  1. Humanoid (Jotunn)
  2. Beast (Ziz)
  3. Beast (Hydra)
  4. Beast (Old Man of the Woods)
  5. Supernatural (Blackguard Vampyre)
  6. Supernatural (Chaldean Vampyre)
  7. Beast (Linnorm)
  8. Mutant (Chimaera)
  9. Beast (Jabberwocky)
  10. Beast (Bog Leviathan)
  11. Beast (Zoaatar)
  12. Abyssal (Fomori Chieftain)


  1. Abyssal (Pit Dragon)
  2. Supernatural (Defiler)
  3. Supernatural (Vampyre Count)
  4. Abyssal (Gamchicoth)
  5. Abyssal (Sathariel)
  6. Abyssal (Chaigidel)
  7. Abyssal (Golochab)
  8. Humanoid (Aztlan Tlaloc)
  9. Abyssal (Abyssal Champion)
  10. Mutant (Broodmother)
  11. Beast (Fomori Witch-Queen)
  12. Humanoid (Dread Count)