Just in time for Halloween – the Necromancer!

Right in time with All Hallow’s Eve, we present a spooky new Elite Profession – the Necromancer!zweihander grimandperilous.com warhammer fantasy roleplay retroclone warhammerfantasyroleplay.com

While other arcanists seek to merge themselves with Aetheric plane by calling into the realm of chaos, Necromancers have a more earthly goal – to live forever. They have embarked on a quest to cheat death, living into eternity either in their current body or a more “divine” form which can withstand the march of time. Rejecting the idea of godly dominion, Abyssal service and the wheel of fate, their singular task is to bind their spirit permanently to the material realm. To them, there are no gods, only men. And through necromancy, they seek to ensorcel their bodies with the darkest of Magicks to live onwards. It is not inherently an evil purpose, so much as a selfish one. Preserving themselves for all eternity to see the fruit of their labors – whether for lineage, largesse or their innovations – is the ultimate goal of every Necromancer.

Despite their fight against time, Necromancers cannot help but be corrupted through their workings. Their brand of Magicks are inherently dangerous, even more so than their Warlocks kin. Ceaseless trafficking with the dead only further twists their embattled spirits. Controlling death is a prerequisite to understanding how to prolong life. Inhuman experiments upon the living, grave-robbing and desecration of the recently deceased makes up the bulk of their practice. Eventually, their work coalesces into the most deplorable of necromantic practices – creation of the undead. It takes a dark mind to set upon this path, and Necromancers that arrive to these conclusions are utterly corrupted. But, at times their continued work along this path will stall out. In that, the Necromancer must dig deeper from the well, swallow their pride to seek audience with Abyssal creatures to further explore the secrets to eternal life. This is when the Necromancer is most likely to be lured towards the blackest of Magicks – a time that is all-too-pleasing for their new Abyssal masters.

Download the Elite Profession: Necromancer for the GRIMDARK Edition beta here!