Kickstarter Exclusive cover by Dejan Mandic!

Dejan has finished the front cover, and it looks spectacular! We wanted to evoke an “old school” feel here, a call-back to the first edition WFRP hardback. zweihander grimandperilous.com warhammer fantasy roleplay retroclone

Below you’ll see a few of our iconics: an ogre Pyromancer, dwarven Barber Surgeon, gnome Militiaman, human Godsworn and halfling Rat Catcher – with a small but vicious dog at her side. In the shadows, you can see the mysterious rat-like Skrzzak (as one of their swords has gone flying after having their face crushed by the Godsworn). Our back cover will be done later this week, but will illustrate an elven Slayer going toe-to-toe with the Skrzzak horde. We’ll present both once they’re ready.

Whenever we send out surveys at the end of Kickstarter, we’ll ask you which cover you want for your hardback: the “grimdark” original cover by Jussi Alarauhio, or the old school cover by Dejan Mandic. Simple and easy!

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