Live In The Kansas City Area & Want To Pick Up Your Books Locally?

We are finalizing shipment details with our distributor, but the goal is to begin our first wave on August 15th. Additional details will follow mid to late next week.

For those who live near the Kansas City area, we are going to set up an event at Tabletop Game & Hobby for folks to pick up their copies. We haven’t locked down a date yet, but tentatively planning for August 12th or 19th. If this date doesn’t work out, I can meet you locally to drop off the books in-person.

I am still working out details, but I’d like to get a head count of folks who would be interested in this option. If you live in the area and would be interested in picking up your copy in-person, please fill out this web form. It is only valid until Monday August 7th, so be sure to get your submission in before the weekend is over.

Note that this is only valid for those who already paid for their books on Kickstarter and CrowdOx. Due to limited inventories, we cannot make any promises for additional books being made available during time of pick-up.
Thanks, and happy gaming!