Live ZWEIHÄNDER Q&A tonight on Twitch, June 6th at 8pm CST!

Encounter Roleplay Blackhearts Zweihander RPG Powered by Zweihander #TetsuboRPG Tetsubo RPG tetsubo.com main gauche RPG MainGauche grim & perilous srd.grimandperilous.com zweihander rpg #ZweihanderRPG #MainGauche #GrimAndPerilous #GrimAndPerilousLibrary grimandperilous.com warhammer fantasy roleplay retroclone warhammerfantasyroleplay.comThe first #ZweihanderRPG community Q&A is tonight, June 6th at 8pm CST! Creator Daniel D. Fox and Matt of Jowzam’s Den will talk about Zweihander’s release in stores next week, Main Gauche & the future of Grim & Perilous Studios.

Join Matt and Daniel on Twitch to participate, or watch later on YouTube -> http://www.twitch.tv/jowzam

Gut any burning questions? Come into the Twitch chat tonight, or head over to our Discord to pose them there at #general: https://discord.gg/yNd6BAA