MAIN GAUCHE Kickstarter ends in 36 hours – flat rate shipping added!

Down to the wire, but we have Flat Rate Shipping charges dialed in!

Offset Products

Here’s the standard rate for MAIN GAUCHE offset & ZWEIHÄNDER offset only. Each additional book you order has a reduced rate for shipping:

  • United States: $15 USD/$10 per additional book
  • Canada + Mexico: $20 USD/$15 per additional book
  • EU countries: $25 USD/$20 per additional book
  • Everywhere Else: $35 USD/$30 per additional book
  • Customs Charges: 100% reimbursed!
  • Retailer pledge levels: we will work with you personally by email

As an example, let’s say you live in the US. You pledged for 1 offset MAIN GAUCHE and 3 offset ZWEIHÄNDER as an Add-On. Your total shipping charges would be $45 USD (15+10+10+10).

You can either add this amount to your current pledge (thereby increasing our chances of unlocking those sweet, sweet special edition books), or as surveys are sent out 2-3 weeks after the end of the Kickstarter.

Should we unlock the special edition books, we will also extend the same shipping rates.

POD Products

Products marked as [POD] print-on-demand (books, cards, screens) will ship out from a printing facility nearest to your shipping address.

Remember: you will receive a special coupon link to get these products from DriveThruRPG/RPGNow with a $1 surcharge + you pick up your own shipping costs.

For those of you who are buying more than three decks of cards, we strongly recommend you take advantage of the Revised All-In-One Card set to get the least expensive shipping cost.

We are working through a few additional shipping options with two fulfillment houses, and should we be able to land a better deal, we’ll pass on a reduced shipping rate to you.

Check out MAIN GAUCHE on Kickstarter now!

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