After being drafted into service by his liege lord’s press gang, he spent a number of years in the field. Hugo was soft and frightened; he certainly didn’t know what was in store for him. Through the crucible and into the flames, Hugo has slowly been honed into an instrument of war. Even after suffering from a particularly frightening defeat (sacrificing a Destiny Point in the process), Hugo emerged a true warrior. He even earned a nickname amongst his comrades, now called “the Beauty” for his half-ear, the mole on his cheek and the horrifying scars he proudly wears as a badge of honor.

This character sheet represents Hugo at the end of the Second Tier. His current profession is as a Militiaman. He has spent enough Experience Points to complete his Second Tier of growth.

Click the following link to see Hugo Stoat’s completed character sheet!

Check back Thursday to see Hugo in his third and final profession as a Peasant-Hero!