Hugo had fought for his people, eventually leading the coup d’état against his sovereign lord. But he now bears the many scars of war. Exposure to the horrors of the hidden world, Hugo has developed a crippling fear of darkness. Bearing witness to his lord’s dark rituals, Hugo also lost the use of one of his eyes…but in its place, a dark power has taken interest in him. When the moon is right, Hugo will feel a slight passing of warm air on the back of his neck. As this happens, the murk of night parts before his vision. Fearful that others will condemn him as a heretic, he takes great pains to hide this power. And now, Hugo sits as burgomeister of Hastings but the darkness continues to call to him in his dreams. Hugo’s innocent mind has been deranged and his humanity eroded before the chaos of the grim & perilous world he inhabits. Although some may call “the Beauty” a hero, dark thoughts preoccupy him as Hugo slowly devolved to become alike the former lord he’d fought to unseat…

This character sheet represents Hugo at the end of the Third Tier. His ending profession is as a Peasant Hero. His adventures may be over, but many more still await other intrepid protagonists thrust into a ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG!

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