Meet Hugo Stoat. He’s your salt-of-the-earth sort of peasant, living far away from civilization in the small village of Hastings. Hugo spent most of his life tilling the field, taking care of his lord’s precious cattle and living beneath the oppression of the yeoman gentry. Punished at a young age for a crime Hugo refuses to admit to, he’s grown to become a very paranoid and withdrawn man. What Hugo doesn’t know is that his lord has promised 100 fighting men to his own liege count, and Hugo will invariably be drawn away from the farm and into their ranks…

This character sheet represents Hugo at the end of the First Tier. His starting profession is Peasant. He has spent enough Experience Points to complete his First Tier of growth.

Click the following link to see Hugo Stoat’s completed character sheet!

Check back Wednesday to see Hugo in his second profession as a Militiaman!