More information on Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e from Dragonmeet UK

Strike to Stunner ‘Skerrigan” attended the Cubicle 7 seminar, and provided the scoop to clarify what Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e will look like, including new details on The Enemy Within:

  • The covers we saw are the final version, as is the new logo. Anyone who doesn’t like the new logo is a heretic. Very Happy
  • The Slayer, Morrite priest, Witch Hunter and… other girl (noble?) from the cover don’t have names, but may get them. They will probably be reused like the old D&D iconics throughout the book (as in we’ll see these characters a lot in the artwork).
  • The Enemy Within: Director’s Cut will be a multi-volume series like the original, possibly concluding in 2020. Nothing is set in stone, but it will be essentially a reprint of the original with all-new content also being added, and alterations with a view to the fact people have played the campaign before.
  • Lustria, Norsca etc. are on the table for supplements, but again nothing specific.
  • Hopefully more 1E PDFs. Marienburg Sold Down the River was enthusiastically requested, though it may mean Dominic has to sacrifice his personal copy to the great god of the scanner.
  • I asked some specific questions about Warpstone and so forth but unsurprisingly there wasn’t much that could be said. One gentleman mentioned that WFRP2e’s bestiary was brilliant, and that hopefully it will be used as a reference for WFRP4e’s bestiary. I also mentioned the Skaven were already overused in WFRP.

As you can see our desperate band have been enjoying some good times in Ubersreik, (or at least some of them have) before a familiar scene unfolds!

We’ll have more to share tomorrow, including news of the return of a multi-part campaign favourite from first edition, so keep an eye on our website and social media!

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