More information on #WFRP4e from Warhammer Fest 2018!

More information from C7:

The d100 system used will be broadly familiar, but a new implementation designed to offer three ways of resolving actions:

1 – a decision based on the characters’ abilities

2 – a simple pass/fail test

3 – a more nuanced dramatic test giving a range of outcomes and success levels

GMs are encouraged to tailor their use of these to suit their group’s preferences.

The combat system has been designed to be quick, dynamic and exciting, with something happening as the result of every roll.

Careers remain an important feature. Dom waxed eloquent about how careers help immerse characters in the world, and give them something to fight for. He also talked about how that was reinforced in the new edition by Ambitions – personal goals that characters work towards.

You can initially play a Human, Dwarf, Halfling or Elf, and that range will grow through future expansions.

Dom did also talk about our ambitious plans for expansions. An expeditionary approach to Lustria was mentioned, as was his excitement about Dark Elf politics and how he always wanted to go to Ulthuan.

The Age of Sigmar Roleplaying Game will have its own game system. We haven’t set the release date yet, the game is in development, and we are all very excited about the new edition of Age of Sigmar!

From Garblag Games:

So Hector Cephas of the Battle Bunnies was at Warhammer Fest 2018 for us today and garnered a few insights into the new #WFRP 4th edition.

Some of this is known, some is cryptic. Looks like Cubicle 7 Entertainment aren’t giving much away! Oooh the anticipation grows.

So 4 facts about 4th edition.

1. Its set in the modern empire. They’ll be doing source books for different campaigns (unsurprisingly) but they will do an End Times one but it’s completely optional so you can choose what you want to do with that.

2. Core rules-wise , progression seems more focused on achieving character goals. Take from that what you will!

3. Starter set contains pregenned characters and intro to Ubersrich for new players which could also be useful later on for setting stuff too. Already known I believe.

4. PDFs will be available in June, hard copies in July. Bring it on.

So there we are. Not much learned, but we are still bloody excited to get our hands on 4th edition.

Until it comes out come over and watch our 2e show


cubicle 7 warhammer fantasy roleplay fourth edition #wfrp4e #ZweihanderRPG zweihander grim & perilous
cubicle 7 warhammer fantasy roleplay fourth edition #wfrp4e #ZweihanderRPG zweihander grim & perilous
cubicle 7 warhammer fantasy roleplay fourth edition #wfrp4e #ZweihanderRPG zweihander grim & perilous