New Gamemaster Screen Preview for Zweihänder!

We are finally closing in on completion of our revised Gamemaster screen! This is not the same ‘beta’ digital product some of you received during our Kickstarter. This has been refactored from the ground-up, taking under consideration player feedback on what best belongs on the screen.

Although it’s not the final product, you can see the sturdiness of the screen in the comparison shots to the core Zweihänder book. A few call-outs:

  • The GM screen is color-blind friendly, and the tables are color-coded for easy reference.
  • The GM screen will be on 88 lbs hardback board.
  • It’s in A4 portrait format (sorry, no horizontal format for now).
  • The screen is accordion fold (as you can see in the images).
  • The player-facing image is illustrated by our own Dejan Mandic.
  • The GM-facing side and borders are illustrated & lain out by a new member of our team Ken Duquet.
  • The order of the images in the GM-facing side are not accurate in our proof, but will be one, continuous image in our next proof.
  • The white ‘gutter’ you’re seeing will not be present on either the inside or the outside of the final screen.
  • The player-facing front image will wrap around the edges of the screen, and ‘fold’ behind the GM-facing tables. This means you’ll have zero white space around the edges.
  • We’re pricing out a matte finish on the GM-facing side to reduce glare, but this may come at a cost of moving from an 88 lbs to a 60 lbs board.
  • Made in the good ol’ USA, just like our Kickstarter limited edition book was. To note, we use the same printers as Larry Elmore, who is also a customer of our printing house.
  • The screen will be a limited run, and we’ll be releasing a digital print-on-demand version for DriveThruRPG.
  • The digital version will fit perfectly in the portrait version of the World’s Greatest Screen. You can buy your own from their website, or as a package deal on DriveThruRPG whenever we have our screen ready for primetime post-Kickstarter.

We are leaning towards a Kickstarter run in December, depending on the timing of the next proof. Pricing is TBD.

Have any feedback for us? Let us know over at Strike To Stun: http://forum.strike-to-stun.net/viewtopic.php?t=6103