New Product: Leather, Steel, Blood & Bone for Zweihander RPG!

Add more gory detail to your grim & perilous games with Leather, Steel, Blood & Bone. Within this book you’ll find an assortment of expanded rules for hit locations, injuries, drawbacks and piecemeal armor for use with ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG.

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This booklet contains:

  • Separate injury tables – including Moderate, Serious and Grievous tables for each body part per weapon type.
  • Includes details such as arrow impaled from wrist to elbow and movement penalties for injuries to the legs.
  • 15 new combat orientated Drawbacks to challenge veteran combatants, such as Frequent Seizures, Restless Sleep and Uncontrolled Retching.
  • Fully detailed rules for using piecemeal armor, to include; qualities, encumbrance, hit locations, armor damage and a revised Damage Threshold Chart.
  • Simple charts for upgrading piecemeal armor for opponents.
  • Advising & Consulting from Adam Rose, Rules developer for ZWEIHÄNDER core rule book, MAIN GAUCHE & Dark Astral.

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