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…your humble author decided to turn “Project Corehammer” into the product you see developing before you now.

We hope to deliver a product that has professional polish, oftentimes missing from old school renaissance (OSR) products. I’d like to believe that my vision, coupled with our patient play test groups, critical feedback from our contributors, proofreading from our in-house editors, the excellent cover and interior artists and its thoroughly-tested ruleset will prove that ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG will be a solid competitor against other top-tier RPG products.

For those who’ve been waiting for a release date, all’s we can say is that “it will be done when it’s done” (tentative Q1 of 2013). We want to make sure that all of the kinks are worked out, so that Tier One play is as balanced as Tier Three play. We appreciate your patience, and remain dedicated towards putting out the best “grim & perilous” product that’s ever hit the shelves since Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay!

For those about to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the States, we present a little treat: the Pilgrim!

Basic Profession
Professional Trait: SPIRITUALITY
The Pilgrim is a spiritual aspirant, and this faith solidifies a place at the side of those they revere in the afterlife. However, this spirituality can be compromised by the unwanted attentions of other gods or demons. Chaos is a powerful force, seeking to subjugate the pious and turn them towards disorder. Whenever you would normally suffer a permanent Injury as a result of being Grievously Wounded, you may elect to sacrifice 3 Humanity to ignore their effects all together. But as your Humanity wanes, so does your body begin to mutate. You will experience physical changes over time; whereas you may have sacrificed Humanity to keep ahold of a mangled limb, it may be eventually sprout coarse black hair or some other oddity (like a hoof or splayed claw). These mutations are contextual and likely long in the making. Work with your Gamemaster to determine an appropriate mutation, given the progress of the story.