ZWEIHÄNDER: The Shirt Has Arrived

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You’ve already armed yourself against WFRP 3e with your 5.56lbs ZWEIHÄNDER. Now, gird yourself against the uncertain future of the 4th with our official raglan shirt! All Proceeds Will Go Towards Artwork For The Revised GM Screen.

Review: Aaron Z on ZWEIHÄNDER at DriveThruRPG

warhamer fantasy roleplay 4th edition grimandperilous.com zweihander grim & perilous

From Aaron Z: Unlike most WFRP fans (or at least what most will tell you), I started in WFRP with 2E, and found the system to be an improvement on the ground work of 1E. Zweihander is an improvement on WFRP2E, one way in which it is better is that you can set the tone a bit better as it classifies all careers into six classes of people: Academic, Commoner, Knave, Ranger, Socialite, Warrior. Want…

Video: Part 2 of ‘A Bitter Harvest’ on Youtube

Alex Pe of True Mask Games continues with part 2 of ‘A Bitter Harvest, an adventure using ZEIHANDER. From Youtube: Welcome to “A Bitter Harvest”, the introductionary adventure from the ZWEIHÄNDER RPG Core Rolebook! This adventure is designed to teach the rules to new players and give all of us a first glimpse into the grimdark fantasy that is the world of Zweihänder! After getting involved with a wedding in the river port town of…

Live In The Kansas City Area & Want To Pick Up Your Books Locally?

We are finalizing shipment details with our distributor, but the goal is to begin our first wave on August 15th. Additional details will follow mid to late next week. For those who live near the Kansas City area, we are going to set up an event at Tabletop Game & Hobby for folks to pick up their copies. We haven’t locked down a date yet, but tentatively planning for August 12th or 19th. If this…

Review: Paul Baldowski of The Cthulhu Hack, PARANOIA & Maelstrom Reviews ZWEIHÄNDER

warhamer fantasy roleplay 4th edition grimandperilous.com zweihander grim & perilous

From Paul Baldowski: While I lingered a while on the idea of backing ZWEIHÄNDER on Kickstarter, I didn’t. If I had done, I would have got carried away – for my love of 1st Edition Warhammer is too great. I like grimdark – Symbaroum caters for that at the moment, but it could be so much darker and a barge load grimmer. Yes, the book is HUGE. More than 600-pages huge. And yes, some of…

URGENT: All Incomplete Orders Must Be Completed Before August 4th!

warhamer fantasy roleplay 4th edition grimandperilous.com zweihander grim & perilous

For those who have yet to complete your order for the physical book, you will need to do so before August 4th. We will be shutting down our order portal in preparation for shipment next week. If you are unsure whether you’ve completed your order, you can retrieve your survey from this link: https://app.crowdox.com/retrieve/grimandperilous/zweihander-grim-and-perilous-rpg I will post another update next week once we have all the shipping arrangements settled. In other news… We have officially…