Dear Games Workshop…


While we lament the loss of Fantasy Flight Games’ license over Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, we have only this to say to Games Workshop. In the infamous words of Domhnall Drumph:

Fantasy Flight Games Ending Licensing Rights to Warhammer!

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Fantasy Flight Games has released an official statement on the matter. With the announcement of Runewars Miniatures Game, one can only speculate if this was a planned move. As we all know, Fantasy Flight Games stopped producing products for their WFRP Third Edition line sometime ago. This leaves open a question of whether or not Games Workshop plans to relicense Warhammer – specifically the fan-favorite Old World – to another company. That being said, ZWEIHÄNDER…

Early Access PDF Goes To Public For Free November 1st

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We have received a number of inquiries about when ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG’s Early Access PDF will go out free to the public. WWe made this a part of our stretch goals, and it’s a promise we intend to keep. However, our Kickstarter backers get the first slice of the cake, with CrowdOx late pledgers coming up next in line and the public last. With this in mind, we intend to make the Early…

Updated Character Sheet Ready For Download

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Quick update for the holiday weekend. Due to popular demand, we’ve updated the form-fillable Character Sheet with Reputation Points on page 1, along with Coins and their denominations on page 2 under Trappings. Take a look! http://goo.gl/O3t7KU If you didn’t get a chance to participate in the Kickstarter, we are still accepting late pledges over at our CrowdOx page.

Download Early Access PDF now at CrowdOx!

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EDIT: Kickstarter backers! If you have already completed your survey email from CrowdOx, you will receive a second email indicating where to download your digital content shortly thereafter. What a great way to start an early Labor Day holiday! As of a few moments ago, CrowdOx begun sending out surveys for Kickstarter backers only. In the survey, you can confirm your pledge, have the opportunity to upgrade, handle add-ons, reconcile shipping charges, choose the cover…

Table of Contents Preview + Digital Release Schedule

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EDIT: I just spoke with CrowdOx, and we are on track for surveys to go out tonight to Kickstarter backers. Surveys will include links to your digital content and general survey information. Watch your inboxes. I will also send out an update here, on Facebook, our home page, web forums and Kickstarter as well. We are gearing up to launch the Early Access PDF, the adventure A Bitter Harvest and a few special surprises, which…