Updates, new editor, new layout composition + more artwork!

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First things first: thanks to your feedback, we’ve reworked several of the Traits and addressed many of the concerns you had about rule clarity. This also includes a massive revamping of Chapter 12: Bestiary. We’re working hard to get everything wrapped up soon, so we can begin shipping hardbacks in December. For those who backed at the ZWEIHÄNDER! Tier, we have the swords on their way to the office, and will show you pics of…

Early Access PDF Now Free!

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As a part of our $33K Fury Die stretch goal, we promised to release Early Access PDF for free. We originally planned to wait until after Oct 31, but in celebration of Halloween weekend, you can now download the digital release over at CrowdOx! If you are already a backer on Kickstarter, you should have access to your original Early Access PDF. This is strictly for folks who didn’t sign up. If you need help…

“Backing in” WFRP 3e’s dice system into ZWEIHÄNDER

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We have some very exciting news to share for fans of WFRP 3e! In light of the licensing issues between Games Workshop and Fantasy Flight Games, our team has been working on an optional method to “back in” the dice mechanics from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay third edition. It took quite a bit of retooling, but fortunately, ZWEIHANDER’s ruleset has proven to be very accommodating to this approach. Our play test phase begins tonight, to see how…

GM Tracker Table Print-Outs Available For Download

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ZWEIHÄNDER Game Masters! We have made a five-page PDF of the most common tracking tables you’ll use at the game table. Contained within are: Combat Conditions Tracker Social Intrigue Tracker Wilderness Travel Tracker Chase Scene Tracker Blank Notes Page Download now from Google Drive Our Game Mastery PDF-only screen is now available to download for Kickstarter and CrowdOx backers. Backers will receive an email with instructions on where to download it from CrowdOx. Featuring artwork…

Updated Form-Fillable Character Sheet

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We have updated our form-fillable character sheet! Reputation Points field on page 1 Coins and their denominations on page 2 Magick and Spells on page 4 Minor layout updates pages 1-4 Download from Google Drive Did you miss out on ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG on Kickstarter? You can do a Late Pledge over at CrowdOx until October 31st. Let us know what you think over at our forums above!

Dear Games Workshop…


While we lament the loss of Fantasy Flight Games’ license over Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, we have only this to say to Games Workshop. In the infamous words of Domhnall Drumph: