Bestiary Preview: Crooked Bailiff

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It’s time for another sneak peak in the Bestiary! Today, let’s look at one of the most notorious of roadwardens, the Crooked Bailiff! A deputy so hard, the Crooked Bailiff bleeds ice. For when the road warden speaks, they never speak twice! View the Crooked Bailiff on Google Drive. EDIT View their mastiff companion dog here on Google Drive!

Bestiary Preview – Templar Fanatic

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Since the dawn of time, the forces of chaos have sought to corrupt the seeds of life and twist the soul of mankind. Locked within this eternal struggle, the Templar Fanatic knows there is no place for half measures. Vows of unwavering faith and fealty drive them to face the abominations of this world, and perhaps more importantly act as the scourge to those tainted souls that would lead their kin down the path of…

Sneak Peak: Madness and Corruption

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From isolation, utter powerlessness, ambition denied, paranoid delusions, perversions of nature and nightmare-inducing terrors from beyond, madness punctuates all but the mildest of adventures in ZWEIHÄNDER. There are countless horrors waiting to prey upon the intrepid, foolish enough to blunder into their midsts. However, nothing is more insidious and treacherous than one’s own mind. As the veil is pulled back upon reality, the unwary begin to realize the decrepit remnants of something far more insidious…

Sneak Peak: Hazards and Healing

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A grim & perilous world is fraught with danger from all sides. Beyond the sword blows of marauders and gunshot of highwaymen, there are other ways to perish. Raging infernos, drugged foods, exhaustion, plummeting from upon high and even the Poisonous effects of alcohol can whittle down the weary. Aught for enterprising barber surgeons and apothecaries, the lichyards would be filled with the bones of the dead! Categorized below are several types natural hazards you…

Race Sneak Peak: The Gnome

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One of the most glaring omissions from later versions of Warhammer Battle and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay was the Gnome. One of our favorite Races, we’ve decided to include them into ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG. Although we are still working through their Racial Traits, take a sneak peak at the description of the Gnome below! * Artwork not finalized GNOME Spritely in appearance and short-tempered in their mannerisms, Gnomes are a notoriously unsympathetic people. They…

Bestiary Preview: Lumbering Giant

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The community has been asking about how larger creatures are handled in ZWEIHÄNDER. Naturally, we didn’t want to simply “buff up” their Primary Attributes, as it would throw off the delicate math balance on the backend. Instead, we use the Primary Attribute Bonuses to define how each size category of creature is handled. In the case of Lumbering Giants, they raise their Combat, Brawn, Agility and Perception Attribute Bonuses. To better understand these distributions, we’ll…