Standard Profession – Courtier


Today, we take a look at the Standard Profession COURTIER! COURTIER Ensconced within trusted circles of petty barons, powerful dukes and kings, Courtiers are driven by intense political ambition. Masters of intrigue, their uncanny ability to bend the ear of powerful men fuels their desire for total political domination in the shadows. They haunt the administrative halls of towns, cities and castles, plotting and scheming their way into their lord’s favor. Having spent most of…

A Grim & Perilous World for Women and Men


The artwork for ZWEIHÄNDER includes both men and women throughout. We make no distinction between the sexes and their role from the perspective of our writing and artwork. There are male Prostitutes, female Inquisitors and even a sexually-ambiguous Squire. In the spirit of inclusivity, we’ve changed our cover art. Meet Gertrude “the Bride” Skolsdottir, the most bad-ass bounty huntress this side of world!

Professions, Experience Points and the Standard Profession: Adherent


CHARACTER GROWTH AND EXPERIENCE POINTS As the story progresses, your character will take on new experiences. After surviving dangerous adventures, unraveling vast political conspiracies, conquering environmental obstacles, driving away horrific abominations and defeating the machinations of the just and unjust alike. You begin to illicit mastery over your own abilities. Forged through the fires of adversity, the sum of these experiences cause your character to improve in several different ways. To reflect this, you gain…

ZWEIHÄNDER Updates – June 25th


Hello all, It’s been two months or so since our last update. During this period, we reached the Advanced Tier with the vast majority of our playtest characters within our home game here in Kansas City. Next week, we are beginning a new campaign with the near-final beta rules in the Basic Tier. With nearly 2 years of play testing beneath our belts, I feel the character creation process has reached my vision of how…


Vignette 11

Every great story told throughout our world speaks of not only the strength, but also the weaknesses of heroes and villains alike. RPGs are oftentimes remiss not to address them in a cohesive manner. Today, we take a look at Temperaments in ZWEIHÄNDER. In a grim & perilous RPG, personality traits called Temperaments follow a similar framework but in a much less strict sense: YOUR TEMPERAMENTS A strong arm or a slow wit are not…