Video: Part 1 of ‘A Bitter Harvest’ on Youtube

Alex Pe of True Mask Games is running ZEIHANDER’s ‘A Bitter Harvest’ on Google Hangouts over the next 3-4 Sundays. From Youtube:

Welcome to “A Bitter Harvest”, the introductionary adventure from the ZWEIHÄNDER RPG Core Rolebook! This adventure is designed to teach the rules to new players and give all of us a first glimpse into the grimdark fantasy that is the world of Zweihänder!

We are starting with four characters in the basic tier of adventuring (starting characters with 1000 EXP). The campaign begins in the town of Swanzi, a riverside trading settlement of some humble wealth, where a wedding celebration is under way. But not everyone seems to be happy, despite the joyous occasion…this is grimdark fantasy after all, and evil lurks both without and within the walls!

Watch Part 1 Now!