zweihander rpg pdf warhammer fantasy roleplay retroclone warhammerfantasyroleplay.comBefore embarking upon a grim & perilous adventure, prepare yourself with these handy aids!

RULES ERRATA Our living errata addresses pesky edits that snuck there way in during production of the hardback book & illustrated PDF. This page also includes ‘versioning’ for our PDFs.

RULES SUMMARY Originally posted by one of our supporters at Ynas Midgard, this 3 page PDF summary of ZWEIHANDER’s rules makes for a nice handout to new players.

VERTICAL CHARACTER SHEET Thanks to contributor David Nadj, we present the official character sheet for ZWEIHANDER Grim & Perilous RPG! This 4 page borderless PDF now includes room for Magick and Rituals.

‘OLD WORLD’ CHARACTER SHEET Here’s the original form-fillable character sheet David Nadj worked on with the older layout borders.

HORIZONTAL CHARACTER SHEET As seen on Vorpal Mace, this form-fillable character sheet was conceived by Tamás Illés. It includes piecemeal armor, if you prefer to play a grim & perilous game set in the fan-favorite Old World.

GM TRACKER TABLES Contained within are GM tracker tables for Combat Enemy Tracker, Social Intrigue, Wilderness Travel, Chase Scenes and Notes. This uses the old border, so it should be more printer-friendly for you.

CHARACTER SHEET FOR ROLL20 Thanks to contributor John Williams, the ZWEIHANDER character sheet is now available for Roll20! You can download the source code at Github, or simply log into your Roll20 account and select its related Character Sheet Template.

ZWEIHÄNDER ONE SHOT ON YOUTUBE True Mask Games recorded a 5 hour session of ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG as a part of their Seven Days, Seven Games series. We were so pleased to see others enjoying our little RPG, and digging into the simplicity of the system. Alex wrote a unique, one short adventure called “Dance Of The Dead”. Check it out!

CONVERTING WARHAMMER FANTASY ROLEPLAY TO ZWEIHANDER The first fan-created supplement is now ready. Thanks to Kalevala Hammer, you can now convert cultural, racial and magick traits (including careers) into ZWEIHANDER.

WFRP 3E CONVERSION INTO ZWEIHANDER DICE STICKERS We’re working on converting the third edition system’s dice into ZWEIHANDER. Follow the conversation here.

WORLDBUILDING SERIES ON YOUTUBE One of our supporters – Your Humble Gamemaster – has started a web series on how to worldbuild using ZWEIHÄNDER:

WORLDBUILDING AT OLD SOULS GAMES Our co-writer Tanner Yea is developing a web series on worldbuilding using ZWEIHÄNDER’s ruleset. Check it out!

WORLDBUILDING – CARRION CROWS Are you seeing a trend here with how flexible ZWEIHÄNDER is? One of our supporters – zarim – has started a thread at Strike-to-Stun for Carrion Crows.