Profession Sneak Peak: The Hedgewise

We have received numerous requests to outline the rules for Magick in ZWEIHÄNDER. As a start, let’s take a look at a Profession within the Ranger Archetype, the enigmatic Hedgewise!
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Standard Profession




Talented in ways that others are not, Hedgewise are practitioners of the ancient, Themelic arts. Drawing their power from talismans, old rituals, inner will and a bit of luck, they are able to exhibit an uncanny mastery over the smallest of spells. They dally with danger as they work with Magick, lacking the formal training their betters may have had. Most Hedgewise discover their power at a very young age, using these “parlour tricks” to impress others. But as they mature in age, so do their powers. Thus, does the allure of greater mastery over their strange abilities begin to percolate inside.

Hedgewise must constantly be on the look-out for the superstitious. By the time they’ve become full practitioners, their powers have grown to such proportions that it begins to attract clergy Inquisitors. Regarded as apostates by Wizards and treated as witches by Priests, Hedgewise usually live their lives in isolation or upon the road. No matter how careful they are, invariably a display of their Magick invites the wanton attention of Daemons. Constantly whispering to them, they bring the promise of unmitigated power to the Hedgewise in exchange for small “sacrifices” of their own soul, calling for them to bring others at their heel. Thus, the lust for power begins, and the path towards the Warlock and Black Magister beckons…



The Hedgewise can harness the basic, ever-changing winds of magick as the wellspring of their magick as their Wizardly counterparts. They exhibit mastery over the smallest of spells, but ignorance towards others beyond their understanding.
Effect: When casting Petty Magick, you always succeed Incantation Tests. However, you must still roll Chaos Dice to see if you invoke a Chaos Manifestation.



Unlike other occultists, you are entirely unpracticed in your Magick. Thus, the punishment for miscasting a spell is far greater than your betters.
Effect: Whenever you generate Matches with Chaos Dice, you invoke Chaos Manifestations. Additionally, add an additional 1D6 Chaos Die when casting Lesser or Greater Magicks. See Chapter ???: Grimoire.


Alchemy (Intelligence)
Bargain (Fellowship)
Discipline (Willpower)
Folklore (Intelligence)
Handle Animal (Fellowship)
Incantation (Willpower)
Navigation (Intelligence)
Rumor (Fellowship)
Simple Melee (Combat)
Survival (Perception)


Fellowship +1
Fellowship +1
Intelligence +1
Intelligence +1
Perception +1
Willpower +1
Willpower +1



You engage in illegal activities and are a natural fit in the criminal underworld.
Effect: When fencing stolen goods or procuring illegal items, you gain a +20 Base Chance to Bargain Tests.


Ancient oral traditions have been handed down to you, secrets best left forgotten. You likely practice these rituals in secret, perfecting your art in hopes to control great power. Some of the Magicks you wield are relatively innocuous, while others are devastating (and potentially soul-corrupting) in their nature.
Effect: You immediately understand a number of Petty Magick spells equal to your Intelligence Bonus (IB), innately knowing them without having to reference the spells by written word.


Your encounters with the supernatural and the terrifying have made you extremely paranoid.
Effect: Add the ten’s value of your Corruption Points to your Initiative.