Profession Sneak Peak: The Preacher

As a part of our ongoing series, let’s take a look at the Preacher, one of 12 professions in the Academic Archetype.

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Standard Profession




In the midst of suffering, the Preacher plays the role of spiritual advisor, leader and confidante. Their testimony can bring hope to the weak, despair to the unfaithful, joy to the pious, sorrow or penitence to the sinner. Blessings be to those willing to shepherd the lost flock through their darkest hours, with the hope that they may see yet another dawn. 

Their position of superior moral authority also gives them an almost unprecedented ability to pilfer, mislead, manipulate and extort their congregations (and to have any evidence of such wrongdoing overlooked). They may also mistake divination for madness, their own weakened minds seen as their god’s will, a charge that no man can ever disprove. And woe to the Preacher when the people forsake their gods. As their earthly proxy, killing the messenger may bring peace to the downtrodden!



A Preacher’s sermons are filled with impassioned words, evoking vivid images of sinners in anguish and torment.

Effect: You may flip the results to succeed Leadership Tests. When you succeed, it is always considered a Critical Success. Furthermore, you always Influence a number of people with the Leadership Skill equal to x5 your Fellowship Bonus (FB) – this includes use of Inspiring Words during combat.



Granted but a spark of your god’s power, you are their will made flesh. As their destined proxy, you are judged by your merits and punished when you’ve offended them.

Effect: Whenever you generate any number of face “6”s with Chaos Dice, you invoke Divine Punishment. See Chapter XII: Grimoire to learn more.


Charm (Fellowship)
Discipline (Willpower)
Education (Intelligence)
Folklore (Intelligence)
Heal (Intelligence)
Incantation (Willpower)
Leadership (Fellowship)
Rumor (Fellowship)
Scrutinize (Perception)
Simple Melee (Combat)


Fellowship +1
Fellowship +1
Intelligence +1
Intelligence +1
Perception +1
Willpower +1
Willpower +1



Your mind is incredibly resilient to events which lead towards madness

Effect: During Basic Tier, Intermediate Tier and Advanced Tier, add 1 to your Peril Threshold. This is a cumulative bonus.


Ancient oral traditions have been handed down to you, secrets best left forgotten. You likely practice these rituals in secret, perfecting your art in hopes to control great power. Some of the Magicks you wield are relatively innocuous, while others are devastating (and potentially soul-corrupting) in their nature.

Effect: You immediately understand a number of Petty Magick spells equal to your Intelligence Bonus (IB), innately knowing them without having to reference the spells by written word.


Vagabonds, rural folk and rangers use a series of intricate patterns to leave simple messages, and you have learned to read them.

Effect: Whenever you attempt to understand secret symbols, hand gestures or signs left behind by others as a warning, you gain a +20 Base Chance to Folklore Tests.