Profession Sneak Peak: The Rat Catcher

As a closing to the upcoming holiday weekend, we present to you one of our favorite Professions in the Commoner Archetype, the Rat Catcher!

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Standard Profession




One of the most unpleasant – but necessary – jobs is that of the Rat Catcher. Disposing of rodents, moles, snakes and the like, they are an itinerant bunch, traveling from village to village to ply their stomach-churning trade. Wading through rivers of human filth and trash, they bait, trap and ferret out vermin from their warrens. Rat Catchers keep the rodent population in check, which helps to prevent the spread of sickness. Many made their nut during plague times as Rat Catchers, wretched survivors who rose above poverty to take up the trade. Despite their penny-poor appearance, they are notoriously miserly, setting up a nest egg for times when the rodent populations are thin. For richer or poorer, the Rat Catcher is a fixture amongst every town and village alike.

Rat Catchers are notoriously unforthcoming in their methodology. Some have stumbled across places treated by the uncanny Rat Catcher, discovering crude but insidious chalk drawings left above rodent holes. Whispers abound they pay homage to a mysterious god, borne of filth and excrement. While the Rat Catcher will smile grimly and make a snide jape at such suggestions, there may be some truth to it. One need only recount the tale of the Pied Piper, widely renown to have lured both rats and children into the wanton arms of Daemons.



I am the bard known far and wide, the travelled rat catcher beside. A man most needful to this town, so glorious through its old renown. However many rats I see, how many weasels there may be. We cleanse the place of every one, all needs must helter-skelter run.

Effect: You may use any Fellowship-based Skill to directly communicate with creatures which possess the Animal Creature Trait (specifically, rats and dogs). This interaction is not always beneficial: many creatures are skittish, ignorant, confused, cunningly deceptive or even openly aggressive. This empathy acts as a supernatural type of communication; the exactitude and complexity of which determined by the Gamemaster.


Rat Catchers are immune to all Sicknesses.


Awareness (Perception)
Coordination (Agility)
Discipline (Willpower)
Folklore (Intelligence)
Handle Animal (Fellowship)
Rumor (Fellowship)
Simple Melee (Combat)
Stealth (Agility)
Survival (Perception)
Toughness (Brawn)


Agility +1
Agility +1
Brawn +1
Fellowship +1
Perception +1
Perception +1
Willpower +1



With a morbid sense of humor, you use witticisms to counter the bleak world you live in (and its grim outcomes).
Effect: At any time, you may substitute the Guile Skill in place of Discipline.


You do not need to be able to see your enemies clearly in order to strike them.
Effect: While fighting in darkness, fog, mist and smoke, you ignore the normal penalties associated with making attacks.


You were born in the streets, and know how to get around unnoticed amongst the gutters and back alleys.
Effect: Whenever you attempt to hide in urban environments, you gain a +20 Base Chance to Stealth Tests.