Review: Alessandro M on ZWEIHÄNDER at DriveThruRPG

From Alessandro M.:

I bought and GMed/played for many years the 1st edition WHFRP in 1986. I did the same with the 2nd edition. I bought the 3rd edition but never tried to run it.

Every time during all these years, it seemed that something slipped away from the original game. That “Grim and Perilous” whiff factor that could almost be breathed by reading the original huge volume, by touching the rough paper and having those B&W drawings stir the boundaries of my imagination, helping the description I was trying to propose to my players: the Old World was alive but something was rotten in… the other editions.

I have read and heard about Zweihander and I must confess I never took my time to investigate whether the game was worth it or not. I simply dispatched it as something that couldn’t be successful in bringing the “Grim and Perilous” back the me. Famous game Companies couldn’t do that, how could an independent first time publisher achieve it? Then one week ago, out of sheer curiosity, I downloaded the PDF of the core book for the Halloween offer and, oh boy, I was wrong. Two days later I ordered the print edition and it is being processed in these days.

Yes, “we’re just a bunch of people sitting around pretending/playing a very complex version of cops & robbers”, we are a dreamers, imaginative, weirdly social folks who enjoy and need to feed our imagination with strange tales, told and created.

WHFRP 1st edition was one of them, it only had two drawbacks: it was deeply tied to the Old World, so any possible adaptation for a different world was painful and time consuming and magic was, allow me to say, a bit too D&Dish for the context.

Zweihander is now the Grim and Perilous RPG, without the two old drawbacks and with everything an OSR game can bring at the table today.

C7 will have a very hard time to top that!

Well done, thank you Daniel.

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