Review: Customer Name Withheld on ZWEIHÄNDER at DriveThruRPG

From Customer Name Withheld:

As a big fan of WFRP’s first and second editions, I love Zweihander. It’s a fantastic stand-in for both of those editions while also adding enough unique touches of its own to make it stand tall on its own merits. The morality system, various customization options, the social intrigue rules, madness and corruption and many more things make Zweihander a worthy successor to WFRP. I also enjoy that the way they designed the rules makes it easy to “move” the game system from setting to setting without too much work. Even in settings that are pretty different from the “old world” European flavor of Zweihander, it wouldn’t be too hard to extrapolate the system out. For instance, my gaming group has always been a big fan of the old Dark Sun setting and I could see how Zweihander, with a bit of tweaking, could be used in that setting.

I will say that the sheer size of the book does make finding a particular rule a bit tricky sometimes, but it’s not too bad, especially after you get familiar with the book’s (well, PDF at this point) layout. I actually wouldn’t have minded some more bestiary entries, but the ones they have are a good starting point and it wouldn’t be hard to design one’s own creatures if the need arose. I would have preferred more information/inclusion of magic items (my group loves their loot), particularly more minor ones, but I suppose that makes it less “grim and perilous” if magic items are plentiful. Besides, it wouldn’t be too hard to house rule them if one so desired.

All in all, this is a great system that has a lot of adaptability. If Games Workshop or some other 3rd party company ever comes out with a WFRP 4th edition, they’ll have a hard time topping Zweihander.

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