Review: Paul Baldowski of The Cthulhu Hack, PARANOIA & Maelstrom Reviews ZWEIHÄNDER

From Paul Baldowski:

While I lingered a while on the idea of backing ZWEIHÄNDER on Kickstarter, I didn’t. If I had done, I would have got carried away – for my love of 1st Edition Warhammer is too great. I like grimdark – Symbaroum caters for that at the moment, but it could be so much darker and a barge load grimmer.

Yes, the book is HUGE. More than 600-pages huge. And yes, some of the reviews (oddly 5-star considering they contain criticism) suggest that the sheer quantity of material can make for an intimidating read. I get that. I can see my copy of 1st Edition from where I type this, with green-ish hardcover and slightly yellowing pages – and it packed quite a page count from the outset.

For me, that’s a good reason to nab ZWEIHÄNDER in PDF as the RPGNow / DriveThruRPG Deal of the Day at 50% off – because this thing will be best handled with a Search facility. Having downloaded it, I feel the original setting seeping out of the screen – and I love that they have angled for the same art style with a scattering of images oh so clearly based on real world people. I loved that irreverent humour in the images with folks like Rick Priestley, John Blanche and others appearing in the illustrations of the original.

I played in a campaign of 1st Edition for a few years at school – first with a gnome, later with a human. I’m extremely pleased that the gnome transcended the original White Dwarf article and made it into ZWEIHÄNDER as an option. Golchak Grimface enjoyed a short but memorable career that carried him through three or so parts of The Enemy Within campaign.

I don’t know when I’m going to bring this to the table. What I do know is that I will, if only to quench the flames of my nostalgia.

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