Review: Prince Of Nothing’s review of ZWEIHÄNDER – Part 2

One of our favorite reviewers Prince of Nothing continues his take on the ‘brobdignagian’ proportions of ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG over at his website Age of Dusk. This is part two, titled “The anatomy of grim heroics”:

Character creation in Zweihander is more involved then that of its predecessors, but the number of steps do not widely exceed that of something like Dark Heresy (and in the case of games like Rogue Trader and Only War, might actually be less). If you like your characters fully fleshed out with an abundance of both crunch and fluff then this might be the game for you.

Before the game delves right in, the chapter is prefaced with a number of bullet points, allowing you to grasp the thematic/ purpose of the various steps of character creation. This page is very effective in providing a set of guidelines for the players to create their character and manages to nail the themes of a Grimdark fantasy game in a number of easily digestible bullet points, allowing even dimwitted players to make suitable characters. The world of Zweihander is a violent, superstitious and corrupt mess, divided by ethnic, religious, social and existential conflict and beset by hideous monsters from without and within. The game boils down its purpose in one or two sweet ass sentences that I already referenced previously:

Grim & perilous role-playing is not a story about people who change the world. It is instead a story of a world that changes the people within it.

Nailed it, moving on…

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