Review: Prince Of Nothing’s review of ZWEIHÄNDER – Part 3

One of our favorite reviewers Prince of Nothing continues his take on the ‘brobdignagian’ proportions of ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG over at his website Age of Dusk. This is part three, titled “A man needs an occupation”:

This post on Age of Dusk, soon to be renamed to Zweihander The Review: The Blog, if my extrapolation of the number of entries is even halfway accurate, shall cover the changes in class system between Zweihander and Warhammer Fantasy 2e. Let me begin by reassuring everyone that the profession system has not been radically altered and in OSR Warhammer you do not suddenly have to gain levels in a class nor has it adopted the degeneracy of a class-less system so popular among the vile adherents of Horror-creature: the Verb-ening and its loathsome spawn.

As in the previous games, all characters in Zweihander begin with a starting profession, with each starting profession having a number of attribute advances, available skills and Talents. In order to complete a career and choose a next one, all advances must be purchased. Like in the old games, the game differs between Basic and the (generally more powerful) Advanced Careers, which can only be entered after at least one career has been completed. Where it differs is in the Streamlining. In Zweihander you can only ever have 3 careers, the Basic, the Intermediate and the Advanced Tier.

In the previous installment, I explained that each profession belongs to one of several Archetypes. Once you complete your first profession (e.g you buy all the advances), you may then select either A) a profession from that same Archetype B) An Expert profession for which you meet the qualifications (generally one or two skills or either Divine or Arcane spellcasting capability) or C) any other profession provided the GM thinks it is okay. After you also complete this profession, you may select one final profession using the same guidelines as above (though there are some classes that can only be entered at this stage, since they require two ranks in a skill to qualify for them, such as Archmage)…

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