Review: Prince Of Nothing’s review of ZWEIHÄNDER – Part 7

One of our favorite reviewers Prince of Nothing continues his take on the ‘brobdignagian’ proportions of ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG over at his website Age of Dusk. This is part seven, titled “Other magical shit”:

Besides wizards, the other major spellcasting profession in Zweihänder, as in the Old Game, is the Priestly class. All major human deities from the Warhammer Fantasy universe are covered in Zweihander aswell, with each being given an alternative name and occasionally gender, with Game of Thrones-esque titles like the Steward and the Winter King replacing the (probably copyrighted) Gods of the Old World. Each clergy has its own profession with their own special ability (say: The Grey Guilder may roll 1d6 whenever he spends a fortune point and regains it on the 6), spell list and Commandments. As previously stated, all human deities that were covered in the core book of 2e are represented here, with one delicious new addition.

Each deity is given a short write-up, less then the almost page-long write-ups of 2e (understandable since setting information is far less specific), with a short description on who they are and what they are about, a paragraph on their Priesthood (and the fate that befalls them should they become corrupted) and another paragraph on Commandments. At first I was pissed off that commandments were rather general since it leaves so much interpretation in the hands of the GM but the more I read them the more I like it. The commandments are enough to get a general idea of what the deity wants you to do, with the occasional weapon restriction thrown in (e.g the Wolf King thinks ranged weaponry is for cowards, little girls and furries).

A welcome new addition is the Crouching One, based off a a certain Blood-handed God of murder we all know and love. His priests, with the ridiculous yet very Warhammer Fantasy-esque title of Bloodmongers, seem to be based (loosely) on the Brides of Khaine, gain health by the sacred act of murder, and the majority of their spells are based around physical attacks (various spells allow you to poison, drain, increase agony or outright slay your enemies with a strike or touch), with material components like the shrunken head of a priest worn around your neck or a spider’s head in your pocket or something. Khaine is an excellent choice for edgelords who find playing villains appealing while the use of Servants of the real Dark Gods remains the purview of the benevolent and omniscient GM.

Fallen priests and worshippers of the Dark Gods are covered by the Dark Disciple advanced class, which represents anything from Apostates who reject the divine entirely and draw power from the Warp itself to fallen clerics who now pay homage to the Dark Gods…

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