Review: Zweihänder RPG from Jeramy T. at RPGNow.com

Jeramy T. recently picked up a copy of Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG from RPGNow.com, and gave us a fantastic review:

Okay, I just purchased this game last night on PDF after playing WHFR 2E with some friends. I have been playing RPGs for a long time and not really played WHFR until last night and loved it, so when snooping online, I saw this game read the preview and realized what I was staring at. I then read the review on RPG.net (I saw the same guy review here) and purchased the PDF.

Coming from a background of GM and Playing many awesome RPGs I have to say the Zweihander is exactly what I’ve been looking for in a game. It has a refreshing take on traditional Fantasy RPG races, the d100 system is easy to grasp, all the attributes seem to be a little higher than WHFP, and it is Grim and Perilous like the book boldly states on its cover.

I’m still combing through the volumous tome and will be purchasing the hard copy when I get a chance. But if you have not played this system here are some things you can look forward to… at least these are things I’ve found refreshing in a game.

1) You roll for everything, Race, Gender, Archetypes (which determines starting profession) Attributes, Professions (Class/Careers), height, weight… I will personally let players make a choice in some areas, probably picking two choices between (Race, Gender, and Achetype) the other they roll for. 2) Not all races carry all the same abilities. What I mean by this is that not all elves can shoot bows and fight, and not all dwarves swing axes and wear platemail. Each race has a chart and you roll for the trait you are born with. This applies to humans as well… and Gnomes are miserly little people which is AWESOME!!! 3) It is deadly but heroic your characters will get bloodied and maimed, but they can wear those scars with pride and should they survive they would be the old retired guy in a tavern telling-talls while ordering another round with his nub.

I was looking at purchasing WHFP 2E and was extremely excited when I realized what this was. Glory to the Authors for their work, as a long time gamer who is late in discovering the system it was a Fate point well spent!!!

Want to pick up a copy of Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG? Buy the PDF and Hardcopy here:
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