The tides of order and chaos are in a constant tug of war. All are bound to the wheel of fortune as it turns, turning treacherously for both the villainous and the chivalrous alike. When these forces are pitted against one another, it can resonate acutely with their chosen emissaries.

Protagonists in ZWEIHÄNDER often face insurmountable odds. Whether it’s being outflanked by their foes, stumbling upon a creature’s den whilst heeding the call of nature, breaking a wagon axle while fording a river, making a rude jape before a blue-blooded lady of the court, accidentally dropping that handful of shilling you “found” in someone else’s purse or even just being at the wrong place at the wrong time, skill alone won’t necessarily remedy every situation. Even when you may be unaware that you’re in immediate danger, fortune’s wheel continues to spin as blind chance and dumb luck tends to favor the foolhardy and brave alike.

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