Video: Episodes 1 & 2 of “The Dunhallow Mystery” – a live play of Zweihänder RPG – are up!

Creator Daniel Fox of Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG, Dark Astral and the upcoming Main Gauche has begun recording weekly game sessions with playtesters.

Welcome to The Dunhallow Mystery, a story of investigation, deadly secrets and psychological horror. Here’s the setup, and our cast of characters:

Our game opens first with the reading of a letter, addressed to Lord Wesley Winterborne. He has been called by an old servant of the family to return to the Winterborne ancestral home. Lord Wesley takes his host from Old Lhork, and strikes out towards the Barony of Dunhallow to settle matters.

Dramatis Personae:

  • Lord Wesley Winterborne, a male Aradain Bailiff played by Mike ‘The Boss’ Bossaller
  • Madame Krista Wolf-feather, a female Rovaynian Quacksalver played by Walter Fulbright
  • Inspector Ceol Marcus Marius II, a male Aradain Investigator played by Tim Cohron
  • Ser Harrison Claviger, a male Aradain Cadet played by Nick O’Hare
  • Tuck Fitzroy, a male Rovaynian Burglar played by Adam Rose
  • Gaunter Kildorf, a male Rovaynian Blitzballer played by Kent Allan (not present this episode)

Read the letter addressed to Lord Wesley Winterborne here

Episodes S1E01 & S1E02 are now live! You can watch or listen in for our weekly episodes every Sunday on these channels:

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