GM’s Corner: Demons!

Hello again, ZWEIHÄNDER fans! Here is our April progress report. zweihander grimandperilous.com warhammer fantasy roleplay retroclone

The Bestiary became a monstrous task (pun intended) over the past two months with further edits and the addition of several new creatures. We revamped the entry for Abyssal baddies, up to and including expanding upon the lore behind Higher Demons, Lower Demons and their servants. This resulted in a ton of new narrative material, which was brought to conclusion late last week. You’ll recognize Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay fan favorites, along with some of our own design. We’ll showcase some of this material later in our update.

As of today, we officially have one entry left in the Bestiary! We need to button a few things up in the Game Mastery chapter, but otherwise we are tracking to have ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG complete before summer hits. We’ll have more details in the coming days for our Kickstarter, but otherwise you can watch for live updates over at our Facebook page.

Finally, as promised, here’s a look at two classifications of Demons – Higher Demons and Lower Demons. We’ve included one Demon from each, which you can use today in your GRIMDARK Beta Edition game!