Updated Bestiary Artwork

We appreciate everyone’s feedback on the recent batch of artwork for the bestiary. It’s a critical part of our design process, and a way for us to self-check ourselves against the needs and wants of the community. zweihander grimandperilous.com warhammer fantasy roleplay retroclone

Following this, we spent the weekend revising a number of creatures from the bestiary. This includes dialing back the explicitness, and revamping a handful of creatures whose images could be taken out of context. The changes manage to ‘sanitize’ some of the images, while keeping with our vision of the bestiary.

The following includes revised images and a handful of ones we haven’t made public yet. Kickstarter’s interface won’t allow us to dial in the image size correctly, so they may appear to be of lower quality than they actually are.

We’ll work on releasing Professions and Races images later this week, as to better explain our approach to real-world racial and gender inclusiveness in the character artwork.

Thanks everyone, and happy gaming!