Video: Zweihänder adventure “There’s Something About Marié” – Part 1

On Saturday Feb 3rd, we recorded our first session of There’s Something About Marié on YouTube! There’s Something About Marié is an adventure set in the world of Goth Moran Divided, originally written by Sami Uusitalo and adapted to Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG by Danziger Eckhardt.

“There’s Something About Marié” is a rural adventure you can run for players new to ZWEIHÄNDER, or those already familiar with it. It uses many of the tools you’ve learned about in the core book, including Combat Encounters and Social Intrigue. It is meant to teach you how to use these tools during an adventure, while providing a structured adventure to better teach players how ZWEIHÄNDER’s mechanics work.

This adventure is designed for three to six Characters in either Intermediate or Advanced Tier, but may be difficult for those in Basic Tier unless they lean on their wit, and try to avoid combat. It can be run independently or easily inserted into an existing campaign. This scenario isn’t intended to be the origin story of how the adventurers met. Assume that this is one of their many adventures, as the party begins gameplay already knowing one another. The dynamics of their relationships will be determined as they play through the scenario within, and hopefully many others. Note that this adventure contains mature themes.

The scenario consists of four parts, and its structure is directed by a few key events and the player Characters’ choices. It encourages proactivity, investigation and critical thinking upon the player’s part to put together the mystery, with a shocking revelation requiring the players to decide the best course of action to bring the story to a close. The players will need to show initiative to get the most out of the scenario. Completion of the entire adventure should roughly take three to five sessions.

It is assumed that the player Characters are travelling by river barge along one of the tributaries of a great river, within a day’s travel of a riverside village where the local economy has been disturbed by a nationwide war. This has lead to opportunities flooding into its gates. For purposes of this adventure, we’ve used the setting from the Goth Moran Divided campaign seed, along the Basque River. It begins in autumn, at the dockyards of LLoyd’s Beacon and concludes in Minuet.

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